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The Drunken Monk – Listen


“Listen” is the first album from The Drunken Monk project to be released. A collection of four instrumental ambient tracks designed to facilitate a meditative state of relaxed presence and mental clarity especially for people living and working within a modern and demanding lifestyle.

Peter Harper is the Founder of the Drunken Monk Project that was launched in December 2018 together with Veronika Kremenova. The project is dedicated to making understandable and accessible spiritual practice by bringing together a modern approach to meditation and psychology. Designed for people with a demanding modern lifestyle. Peters research and understanding of sound has resulted in the production of specifically created music that supports a sense of wellbeing.

“Listen” is available on Bandcamp: 

“Listen” is the first collection of Conscious Music. The first single was released on Spotify in March and has been well received. Each track has been carefully produced to support a relaxed, alert and focused state of consciousness. This audio is used in his group work as a direct result of Peters experience of nearly 40 years of research and practice into the healing power of sound and its capacity to transform our state of consciousness.

In 1986 Peter Harper started working with BinAural sound and light machines in guided meditations he was hosting in India and Europe. Over time, with his understanding of Brain wave frequencies and meditation techniques, was born the idea to bring this together with his commitment to Self Realisation, music in tuned to 432Hz and sound engineering. He uses a combination of sounds recorded in nature together with instruments he plays and records in his Recording Studio.

Peter has repeatedly noticed that states of meditation can be achieved through a combination of focused enquiry and relaxation. He uses techniques of enquiry and the practice of presence together with sound to achieve a rapid change in consciousness, combined with a deeper understanding of the psychological issues that can hold people back from achieving a productive, creative and relaxed state of being on a daily basis and especially within a busy lifestyle.

“Listen” is the first release from a collection of works that Peter has been working on for several years. The collection includes a series of Guided meditations, also known as Guided Satori and Conscious Movement, Dance music designed to create an open energized and clear state of consciousness.

The main focus in his workshop guidance, is The Practice of Presence and the Enlightenment Intensiveprocess as developed by Charles Berner. This process he has found to be the single most effective way to achieve a state of Self Realization. A way to live in the world, to enjoy it in all its aspects, yet with a profound awareness of Self.

For more information and music samples, see thedrunkenmonk.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.drunken.monk