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The Song Gardeners – April Sky


Even though our knowledge about planets, stars, and outer space grows almost by the week – much thanks to the James Webb Telescope and other NASA and international projects – we still behave as if the earth is the center of the universe. The Song Gardeners’ brand-new single April Sky urges us to look up at the night sky this coming month and take it all in. Finding and accepting one’s place in the cosmos is important to all humans, and this single guides us along. April Sky is a well-crafted, fun and upbeat song. It is yet another winner by this one-of-a-kind New Age Pop group!

The Song Gardeners, a San Francisco Bay Area band, was formed in August 2019 by singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe.

Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe

In October 2021, they released their debut album People Passing Through. They have since then released four singles; Within, Present, Little Things – and now April Sky! With a unique sound and expression, they have managed to revitalize the New Age Pop genre, something that seemed highly unlikely before Dunn and Gospe entered the stage.

April Sky
The song starts with a quite distant, analog-sounding synth. The keys that follow are loud and make the listener pay attention. There are also some nice textures in the background. Subconsciously we sense that this might be about space. The sound reminds us of Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre. Venus and Jupiter have been especially bright these past few months, something that the first verse underline:

On the edge of the night I watch Venus rise
Bright as the moon when full
She’s a goddess of love and beauty
A celestial jewel

Mary Gospe’s lead vocal is brilliant as always. She makes the April night sky come to life, pointing out the planets and constellations. Feminine powers, here represented by Venus, guide us toward a more sustainable tomorrow. Answering YES! To Einstein’s big question: “Is the universe friendly?” suddenly seems easier.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

We don’t need to guide by the stars anymore, but to millions (if not billions) across the world, they offer pointers on how to live. They make us reflect on things outside of this world that are visible yet so far away. No wonder stars played such a big part in science for the first civilizations. Notice how much The Song Gardeners manages to say with a few, carefully selected words.

The theme is magnificent:

In this April sky, constellations align
To send a message, pure and true
We’re here, they say, and if you look our way
We’ll give you guidance and direction, mmmm
Love, light and protection
Under this April sky

Moving on to the melody; it is a terrific pop tune! There is no gentle or quiet part; it is power all the way – and it is very radio-friendly. I like how the keyboard fills in and continues where the vocal left off. Towards the end, there are some “riser effects” and textures that further intensify the soundscape. April Sky seems gentle, but there is a lot of melodic forces at play here.

In conclusion: “The dark night was the first book of poetry and the constellations were the poems,” Chet Raymo said. In the modern world though, we need to be reminded about the magic that takes place above our heads. April Sky by The Song Gardeners inspires us to learn more about the star constellations and be more sensitive to how they impact our lives. We are all travelers in time and space – and in a cosmic sense, our problems and differences are insignificant. That should motivate us to be kinder to each other and treat this wonderful blue planet with respect. After all, the closest habitable planet is 4,2 lightyears away.

Each song by The Song Gardeners is deeply meaningful and inspirational. Indeed, I often have to put on “a new set of glasses” and listen to the song a few times more to pick up the many details in the production and arrangement. April Sky is one of their finest yet. Notice how they use less than a minute to take off and guide us into space. It is incredible pop craftsmanship and meticulous attention to lyrical details.

A problem we often face when talking about space is that it is so dark, cold, and unbelievably vast. But that is not an issue for The Song Gardeners; Instead of making us feel small and alone, they make us feel part of it all. That is a major accomplishment!

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