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Timothy Crane – Halo


Timothy Crane’s fifth album, “Halo”, is the latest step in his journey to create the type of quintessential piano and orchestra album that has been playing in his head for over thirty years.

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

There is no mistaking a Timothy Crane album. Each piece is decidedly piano-driven. Each piece is unlike any other piece on the album. And each piece is written in the style of “instrumental pop,” showing adherence to familiar popular music elements, such as versus, bridges, and choruses.

“When the entire country shut down due to the pandemic, I decided to get to work and create something to remind people of the hope that exists beyond our shared struggles. During that time, I kept seeing truly heroic actions by healthcare workers around the world. That made me think of angels. And that, in turn, gave me the title.”

For more information and music samples, visit timothycrane.com