Todd Mosby – Open Waters


Acclaimed guitarist Todd Mosby features one of a kind Imrat guitar on a nautical voyage with a host of Grammy performers. “Open Waters” brings the listener into a mythical world immersing each song in an instrumental palette of beauty and sound. 

Kabir Sehgal writes: 

“Every so often an artist comes along who makes you rethink not just music but the world in which we live. With his thoroughly well-crafted and genre-defying sounds, Todd Mosby invites us into his realm, one in which creativity knows no bounds or borders. Like a master chef hunting for the best ingredients to cook a delectable meal, maestro Mosby has no compunction selecting the most ripened ideas and seasoned artists to feature on Open Waters.

In this terrific production, you will indeed hear artistic elements that draw upon jazz, New Age, folk music, and even Indian sonic materials. That’s because this music isn’t just from Mosby but of him: For thirteen years, he studied classical North Indian music with his neighbor and guru-ji Ustadt Imrat Khan. By learning this craft, Mosby can elegantly fuse the polyrhythms and polyphony found in North India with the spontaneity of jazz, creating his own, fresh aesthetic. Of course, Mosby is a highly talented guitarist, able to transform his creative ideas into richly rendered solos that sparkle throughout his album.”

Fiona Joy Hawkins says: 

“Open Waters takes us instantly to another place, another country and a sensation of open water, vast with wide skies. The journey shares stories of ‘other places’, places we may not have visited but somehow feel familiar.”

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