TSODE – Crossing Stars II


After his album Six (released in January 2021) in which the Spanish instrumental music project experimented with new sounds, Tsode returns to the sounds that have led him to achieve more success. Tsode’s new album (Circles) will be released in 2022, this time without the Madrid-based label Musiteca and under his own label, Tsodemusic.

As a preview of that new work, Tsode surprises us with a new electronic anthem-like Crossing Stars II, the sequel to the former Crossing Stars from the 2019 album Innerity, awarded as one of the best Spanish electronic music songs at the Synthetic Generation Awards in 2018.

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In the words of Jesús Valenzuela himself, creator of Tsode: “In this single, I wanted to revisit those classic electronic sounds that have given me so much satisfaction. It’s like going into “Vangelis mode” but impregnated with my own stamp in which I use again those electronic sounds that are mixed with expansive atmospheres and instruments such as the bagpipes or the Irish flute. The result is a very motivational track full of life force and emotion”.

Crossing Stars II is a track in which we can find an amalgam of sound layers that make up a spectacular space symphony that will make the listener travel to other worlds.

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