Tsode reissues Corduba: Mitos y Leyendas


The Spanish composer Jesús Valenzuela, better known as Tsode, reissues his latest album Corduba: Mitos y leyendas in an extended version. 

Tsode, one of the most recognized electronic and new age music composers in Spain and whom some call the Spanish Vangelis, has resumed his work after a year-long break due to health problems. To do this, he reissues digitally his latest album about the history of Córdoba whose title is called Corduba: Mitos y leyendas (Narrated Edition).

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

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The album takes a tour of the history of the caliphal city through 11 tracks inspired by an important moment or character in the history of the city. Each title is accompanied by the date on which it was developed. From its foundation at the hands of Claudius Marcellus or the Battle of Munda that pitted the troops of Julius Caesar against those of Pompey, passing through the splendor of Al-Andalus or Medina Azahara, characters such as Wallada or Maimonides as well as the Christian conquest of the city ​​or the audience of Christopher Columbus and the Christian Monarchs in the Alcázar.

In this new edition Tsode incorporates a prologue to each song narrated by Valenzuela himself that describes the event or character about which the preceding song is about, thus achieving, with a complete and one-time listen to the entire album, the effect of be listening to a chronicle as an audiobook of the History of Córdoba.

All this under the particular vision of the Cordoba author, in a work in which you can hear instruments that sounded in each era fused with symphonic and electronic music. A masterpiece of contemporary instrumental music of an orchestral nature and new age electronic music that “will make the listener travel through each of the passages in the History of Córdoba and imagine them as if they were a movie.”

For more information and music samples, see tsode.bandcamp.com.

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