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In the same way that movement is demonstrated by walking, evolution needs reliable proof that certifies it, and TSODE – a music project by Jesús Valenzuela – takes a brave step forward in the configuration of his sound with the album “SIX”.

While honoring their New Age roots – witnessed in highly melodic pieces such as “Reddux” or “Requiem For Exile” – and the most classicist Electronica – evident in “Sax & Love” and “Good Vibes” -, this new album is a concatenation of sonic shocks. Hypnotized by the opening epic ambiance and the piano Dream of “Six (Overture)” we are reached by the first of them: “Countdown”, in its countdown, prepares us until we reach the outburst of TSODE’s heartbroken voice. “We are Young / in a countdown” is the explicit and devastating message in these times of limited freedoms. The guitar of Sergio Zurutuza, from San Sebastian, amplifies the rage triggered by the lyrics.

And yes, lyrics and voice are two recent allies of TSODE. It is undeniable that instrumental music dynamites the frontiers of the imagination, but these elements place us in the appropriate context: This is the way. “A Ninguna Parte”, which was a preview of SIX and was recently voted BEST SONG OF 2020 by the listeners of LH Magazin (Spain), places us at ground level, with everyday frustrations. In contrast, “Inside”, tucks us into a deep halo of hope, lifted by the duet with the mesmerizing voice of singer Ayrin. She polishes this diamond of a song, which stands out on its own merit in the SIX tracklist.

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The journey is well-timed and invites us to look out of the window in passages like “Stomp” with its dreamy strings and reverberating layers. It is the hypothetical closing of SIX, postponed by the apt inclusion of the bonus tracks. In the remix competition for the track “A Ninguna Parte”, the remix by famed producer Cyborgdrive stood out, another collaboration that objectively enhances the content of SIX. And although the last minutes of the album, represented in the minimalist version of the hit “Eternal Love”, manage to connect us with the artist’s previous discography, it is all a mirage. Progression. Evolution.

With a much more electronic and rhythmic air than his previous albums, although without abandoning his unmistakable stamp, SIX navigates between more urban sonorities and approaches to genres such as synthpop, synthwave, or melodic trance. TSODE’s music will never cease to surprise us as SIX has already done.

In Tsode’s own words “In this album, the only thing that has moved me has been to have fun, to try, to investigate and, above all, without caring about anyone’s opinion”.

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