Two New Clifford White Albums: Ice Age and Ice Age II


Clifford White has two new albums for us this Fall: “Ice Age” and “Ice Age II”. The albums take the listener on a beautiful and heart-warming journey back in time to the last Ice Age, when nature roamed freely and the world was new.

Clifford White was only 17 years old when he debuted on New World Music in 1985 with “Ascension.” He has since then been one of the most popular artists on the New Age music scene. Last year he released the massive, four-CD series called “Synergy”, which consists of  “Waterworld”, “The Speed of Silence,” “Robot Dawn,” and “Cityscape”. This time around, he is going back in time.

The albums are available on Bandcamp:

For more information and music samples, visit Clifford White’s homepage.