Ubiquity by Evenfall feat. Will Clipman


Ubiquity by Evenfall features guest artist Will Clipman.

Known for his work with R Carlos Nakai, Will is a 7-time GRAMMY Nominee and pan-global percussionist and joins Evenfall – multi-instrumentalist Cass Anawaty and flutist Sherry Finzer – for this new 4-track EP. Check it out here:

EP description: “A whole new world is born: simply and shyly at first, as primordial elements interact to achieve that mystical alchemy known as life; then opening outward in a gracefully spiraling dance as all beings harmonize in universal rhythm. All are one and love is all: a galaxy of sound emerges from the vastness of intergalactic stillness and silence, and everything becomes possible!”

For more information andd music samples, visit Bandcamp.

Press release by Higher Level Media.