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Updates from Fiona Joy


Fiona Joy’s has a lot in store for us this Spring. Her new album “Story of Ghosts” is now on Spotify – and a pre-order is available for the Super Audio CD version, to be released in June.

The SACD, and high res music files, can be purchased here. And you’ll find the album below, fresh out of Spotify:

She has also recorded a 14 minute long solo piano single simply called “Film Score Piano”, which we so far only had seen on Youtube (below iPhone video, recorded in 2012). It’s a cinematic journey through twists and turns that goes from romantic dream like scenes to lively classical drama, from putting out the single note to the universe to rhythm and structure. It’s mastered by Tom Eaton (Imaginary Road Studios).

So yes, lots of great material here for us Fiona Joy fans 🙂