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Will Ackerman – Positano Songs


It would be a cliché, but a deserved one, to state that “Here’s a man who needs no introduction” when speaking of Will Ackerman. Founder of Windham Hill Records, Grammy-winning producer, and the man who basically redefined the instrumental music scene across the globe. 

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While he has been keeping busy producing dozens and dozens of other artists’ work at his Imaginary Road Studios, as well as recording two albums with the ensemble FLOW and two more collaborations with other musicians (Four Guitars and the Grammy-nominated 2021 release, Brothers) he himself has not released an album of original compositions since 2011’s New England Roads. However, the wait is now over for the next Will Ackerman album…and what an album it is! Positano Songs is now out.

Positano Songs had its origins in a 2015 visit to Positano, Italy, of which Ackerman states “I’ve been visiting Positano, Italy for decades now. It remains one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is where Susan and I chose to be married, and a part of my heart will always live there.”

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Influenced by the beauty of the city and countryside, as well as the warmth of its people, Ackerman welcomed his muse, picked up some guitars which had been delivered to him from Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars and, voila!

“Piece after heartfelt piece simply materialized. I left Italy a week later with 26 promising musical ideas on videotape.” Granted, once he returned to Vermont, the business of running Imaginary Road meant that recording these pieces wasn’t going to happen overnight. But as the saying goes, “All good things to those who wait” and Positano Songs is, indeed, one good thing after another!

For more information and music samples, visit williamackerman.com.

Positano Songs is now playing on New Age Stars Radio!

Photo by: Jim Eisele