Sandeep Raval & James Asher – Wings of Time


Today marks the release of “Wings of Time”, the new single by Sandeep Raval and James Asher. It is a breathtakingly beautiful piece that instantly makes the mind wander – or perhaps fly is a better word. Its view on time and change is optimistic and carefree, making us a bit more optimistic for what the future holds for humankind. Check it out and see where “Wings of Time” may take you!

Multi-instrumentalist Sandeep Raval is best known for composing and ‘conceptualizing’ performances around symphonic and world music instruments. His most recent albums are “Nadopasna Worship Through Sound” and “Mosaic in Motion”.

James Asher is an artist and producer best known for his drummy, shamanic, and worldbeat material, with his album “Feet in the Soil” on New Earth Records exceeding sales of 250,000. His prolific output of 30 New Age albums began with “The Great Wheel” on his own label Lumina/Music West. Following his world-flavored debut “Globalarium” on Silverwave, he recorded a series of albums for New Earth Records, including “Tigers of the Raj”, “Kali Thunder”, “Colors of Trance”, and “Drums on Fire” with Indian master drummer Sivamani. Collaborating with visionary drum-circle trainer Arthur Hull has resulted in 10 releases. On his own Starfield Label he has also written several more meditative albums as in “Lotus Path”, “Inner Spaces”, “Ocean of Stars”, “Balance and Beyond”, “Angel Attunements”, and “Renewal”. Asher first collaborated with spirited multi-percussionist Sandeep Raval on the double album “Drum Travel“.

Wings of Time
“Wings of Time” began with a concept by Raval where he created an improvisation on Handpan, and then Asher arranged the strings. The single contains two versions; a radio edit and an extended version.

Listen to “Wings of Time” on Bandcamp:

“Wings of Time” starts with Raval’s hangpan. He carefully lays the foundation and merely indicating the rough structure of a melody. While all focus is on the hangpan, Asher’s synths and strings enter the stage. It is done with such finesse that you almost don’t realize that Asher’s arrangement is there – yet it is vital for the atmosphere. The gentle rhythm is like a ticking clock, further underlining the time theme.

I believe the “Wings of Time” success factor is the lack of a Vangelis-like atmosphere. Tracks like this often sound pretentious and over the top. “Wings of Time”, on the other hand, is genuine. I also like how the piece develops; There is something natural and unrestricted in how the ambient melody twists and turns.

I think that James Asher and Sandeep Raval have delivered a marvelous single! You can safely put “Wings of Time” on replay; it is a soundscape you can spend your day in. If you listen with headphones, it will be like stepping into an interactive history lesson. From the Stoneage and to the forthcoming Mars landing (and beyond!), “Wings of Time” will fuel your imagination.

In a time dominated by negative news, from pollution to Covid19, the positivity “Wings of Time” contains is something we all can benefit from. Highly recommended! 

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