Wychazel – Hang Drum Harmony


Wychazel’s new album is called Hang Drum Harmony. Since its debut around 20 years ago, the Hang Drum has developed a growing following among niche musicians and sound therapists. This album invites you to experience some of the immersive and hypnotic sound qualities of this unusual instrument for yourself.

Instruments include Hang Drum (D minor Kurd tuning) Singing Bowls, Gong, Ice Bells, Percussion, plus synths and samples. This is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

“The Hang Drum has only been around since 2000 and used to be extremely difficult to acquire,” says Chris Green/Wychazel. “Now known by several names and more widely manufactured, it is a type of steel drum that looks like a cross between a circular BBQ and a flying saucer from an early low-budget Sci-Fi movie. Its lovely mellow sound, rich in harmonics and overtones, has caught the imagination of an increasing number of niche musicians and sound therapists alike.”

“I was lucky enough to find one in a shop in Glastonbury last September and such things can be impossible to resist. It is never easy to forecast how well, or otherwise, an album is likely to be received and this one is a real unknown because of the unusual sound and nature of the instrument itself but I hope it will appeal to anybody who might be looking for something a little different,” concludes Green.

The album is available for purchase on MG Music.

For more information and music samples, visit wychazel.net.