Wychazel – Wild Orchid


Wild Orchid is the title of the brand new album by Wychazel. This release could be regarded as a companion to Zen Garden (2018) and Tao – A Path of Peace (2020), having strong flavours of the mystical Far East.

Wild Orchid contains 50 minutes of gentle music for relaxation, visualization or creative work. Instruments include GuZheng, Koto and Yangqin, Bamboo Flutes, Gamelan, Bowls, Bells and Gong, Guitars, atmospheric effects, synths and samples. It is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

Wild Orchid contains a lot of new sounds made possible as a result of a complete studio upgrade,” writes Chris Green/Wychazel in his newsletter. “It had been nearly seven years since my last upgrade and, since that time, there have been huge advances in the types of synths and sample libraries available. My studio setup had lasted longer than expected but was starting to struggle with the complexity and heavy processing demands of many of these new sounds.”

For more information and music samples, visit wychazel.net and medwyngoodall.com/wychazel.