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Yurina Shin Announces the Release of New Album Box Set “Connections”


Yurina Shin announces the return of her albums, “Memory Lane” and “Reflections”, as a new boxed set featuring all 8 tracks from the original collections, with a foreword by the artist explaining the inspiration behind the music.

“I wanted to revisit these songs because they meant so much to my fans,” Shin says. “So many people told me the music helped them ease their minds and helped them bridge gaps in their lives – helping them to heal themselves, their relationships and even repair broken dreams. That’s why I named this new album “Connections,” as I hope the music helps listeners transcend the bonds of everyday life and connect to something greater, more inspiring than our daily routine.”

Fans of Shin will find classics like Blue Boy, with its enchanting refrains and subtle longing for a brighter tomorrow, and Another Day, a quietly triumphant musical tale, transporting the listener through a dreamlike journey of discovery, its mesmerizing melodies leading to the promise of the song’s namesake – another day.

“I wanted to concentrate the theme of connectedness in one place,” added Shin. “It’s a powerful way to tie together the varied undertones of my albums through one overarching theme.”

Along with the announcement of her new boxed set, Shin also announced the upcoming release of an entirely new album she recently arranged entitled “Songs for the Dharma Path”

Songs for the Dharma Path contains 5 tracks and gently guides the listener on a musical voyage that opens the heart and mind in a breathtaking performance that deftly combines the performers’ new age artistry with classical rigor, infusing the production with a spiritualism that reinforces the notion that nothing is fixed nor permanent, other than the path towards enlightenment.

When we asked Shin to explain the one defining theme of her work, she said, “Transcendence. To reach for something beyond ourselves and, maybe if we’re lucky, to make that connection… even if only for a moment.”

About the Artist Yurina Shin is a classically trained composer who blends the richness of the classical tradition with the fast paced, moving rhythms of today.

Her music has appeared in internationally acclaimed films and television shows, and has breathed life into video games, animations and commercials. Her compositions have been performed live at venues such as the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center, international universities and music and art festivals around the world.

Yurina earned international recognition for her role in creating the music for the classic Xbox game “GunGriffon: Allied Strike,” as well as the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) “Kal Online.” She has also composed music for nationally known brands, including American Express, Chase, Estee Lauder, MegaRed and Verizon.

For more information and music samples, see yurinas.com