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Zach Sprowls – All Beginnings Are Hard


“All beginnings are hard… Especially a beginning that you make by yourself. That’s the hardest of all.” The wisdom of Chaim Potok’s novel, In the Beginning, was hard-won and, for Zach Sprowls, deeply resonant. This debut single echoes that wisdom. Its vulnerable arpeggios and breathing strings tell the story of life after loss—not in the tired clichés of resurrection or rebirth, but in the quiet resolve of motion itself. The piano at the center of the composition is simultaneously a song, a thought, and a step, seeking and making its way forward through hardship. Much like life, the immersive beauty of the piece comes from subtle transformations that reward you as you stay present.

By Crossover Media

In All Beginnings Are Hard, Zach has given voice to his transformation. From his lowest point six years ago—devastated and starting over—he’s gradually emerged as an artist to watch. A classically-trained pianist and composer, Zach cut his teeth as an accompanist and arranger. All Beginnings Are Hard reflects this maturity—it’s confident, full of expression, and masterfully captured.

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Zach recorded the old Baldwin piano at the heart of the piece in his small Scranton apartment. A quartet consisting of members of the U.S. Army Strings then recorded his string arrangement at Cue Recording Studios outside Washington D.C. To this, Zach added understated analog synth textures. The combined result envelops the listener in a lush soundscape as deft as it is moving. In it, listeners can find their own story of transformation—of taking the next step amid hardship and becoming more than they imagined.

The piano is Zach Sprowls’ voice. With it, he composes stories that are as much ours as they are his own—affecting and true to life.

Once rootless, Zach now proudly calls Scranton, Pennsylvania home. He’s come to identify with the relentless heart of the city, with its long history of struggle and its bright future.

Zach came to Scranton feeling broken but found healing in music while there. His first solo release under his name reflects that. All Beginnings Are Hard is built around a piano part Zach recorded in his apartment. The aching strings, recorded at Cue Recording Studios outside Washington D.C., underpin that vulnerable core like a testament to Zach’s personal hope for the future.

With a musical gift that’s as rare as it is disciplined, Zach is eager to release and perform his neoclassical compositions. Variously compared to Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, and Max Richter, his pieces weave the piano, strings, synthesizers, and electronic sounds into crystalline soundscapes that tell real, human stories.

He’s ready to share his voice.

For more information and music samples, visit zachsprowls.com.