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2021 – Best New Age Music Albums So Far


Covid19 quarantine gave artists a lot of home studio time – probably a bit too much. But at least it made sure that they had plenty of time to polish the finished result. When we round off 2021, it will for sure been one of the best years in recent New Age music history!

The below list has been compiled based on the popularity of the releases here on Newagemusic.guide and Newagemusic.link, votes on our request page, and review ratings. At the end of the year, we will publish our usual Top 10 Albums list (here is the list for 2020).


It is said that the hummingbirds teach us to laugh and enjoy creation, to appreciate the magic of being alive and the truth of beauty.  In June, the first family of New Age music – Pamela and Randy Copus and their daughter Sarah – released an album that captures the hummingbird’s brilliance on so many levels that it leaves the listener speechless.

2002’s “Hummingbird” is one of those rare releases where everything is just right. Not unlike the bird, its songs come from deep within. And the best part; it doesn’t require you to listen carefully. You tune in without noticing it. Unpretentious, light, and gentle, these ten exquisite pieces seem to communicate a hope that we humans will find our way back to Mother Nature. I believe the hummingbird is a symbol of that.

I don’t know how 2002 found the strength to record such a positive album during the Covid19 lockdown, but once again they time their release perfectly and give us that energy boost when we need it the most. Everything about it is just bursting with colors, movement, and grace.

Sample the single and play it on your favorite streaming service:


A Seeker’s Slumber, designed to soothe the listener into a deep and powerful sleep. A Seeker’s Slumber is a transformation body of work with a lush variety of hypnotic, meditative arrangements, dark synth production, and moments of luring vocals.

This intentionally designed, full-concept album gifts the listener with an ethereal journey through a day of awakening, conflict, resolution, release, rest, reflection, remembrance, and finally, relaxation. Curating this experience through a science of heart rate measurement, Engelhardt chose tempos that would assist the listener in slowing down, quite literally, into a state of rest.

In a post-lockdown era when the daily schedule is once again speeding up, A Seeker’s Slumber is a revelation and an essential tool to steady the mind and spirit for a more balanced future.


Successful series often follow the same pattern, again and again. It is safe, and it keeps the fans happy – but such series doesn’t evolve or introduce new elements. Here I believe John Adorney’s “Toward a Gentle Place” series – where “The Touch•Stone” is the latest installment – is radically different.

The series is influenced by the so-called iso-principle and Adorney’s unique sound, but each piece is a fresh take on the idea that is a journey “toward a gentle place”. Since 2017, we have taken 38 such journeys, and each destination feels distinctive and special. I’m happy to report that “The Touch•Stone” is a rock-solid addition to the series, a winner from start to finish.

The music is extremely easy-going and communicative. Each piece is a well-crafted musical getaway ticket. I know of no other series that is this versatile and many-sided. What defines The Touch•Stone especially are the many beautiful tableaus, from The Light That Lit the Dreams and Song of the Flowers to On a Breeze So Gently. The neo-classical, multi-instrumental touch makes it much less rose-red and sticky, 100 % genuine and heartfelt. It is a fine line for sure, but Adorney makes it every time.


Wayne Bethanis’ new album “Measures of Light” is a monumental and captivating release that, as indicated by the title, focuses on the luminosity of music and how we perceive it. Bethanis has delivered an exceptionally well-made album that keeps on giving; It is as if it has a light source of its own.

When listening to “Measures of Light,” I realized how much darkness there is in art, from angry music, violent movies, and TV series to blood-dripping crime novels. We live in a culture that worships the dark. This is one of the reasons why “Measures of Light” feels like such a breath of fresh air, making us see that we instead should adore the lifegiving light and chase away the darkness.

Wayne Bethanis’ album is a masterpiece in every sense of the word; The arrangement is spotless, and he plays the piano like a virtuoso! I must also mention its melodic qualities. Bethanis is a terrific composer, and pieces like “Song for a New World” and “The Butterfly Cluster” instantly found their way to my “all-time” favorite playlist. Their neo-classical sound stays with you for a long time.


People travel long distances to experience the northern lights – one of nature’s most spectacular wonders. It is not only about witnessing the light itself but also about its effect on the psyche. Listening to Chakuna Machi Asa’s album “Auroral Magic” I’m happy to report that the album has much of the same effect.

It offers a genre-defying mix that is both invigorating and relaxing. Indeed, the soundscape seems electrically charged, filled with well-crafted melodies, stories, and magic.

“Auroral Magic” is a treasure chest of ancient mysteries, interesting arrangements, and well-made compositions. If you haven’t experienced northern lights, the album will inspire you to check it out whenever possible. The album is great for meditation, reading, or creative work. It will appeal to all New Age music fans; it is very versatile and balanced.

With that out of the way, let’s see what the rest of 2021 has in store for us! 🙂

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