David Wahler – Blue Rose


A blue rose is deeply symbolic. It has been known to symbolize mystery, secrecy and as a reward when you have achieved the impossible. David Wahler’s new single captures all of a blue rose’s symbolism and adds a generous touch of his unique melodic pixie dust. Blue Rose is a phenomenal single that becomes personal and meaningful from the very first listen. That is, in my opinion, as rare as a blue rose.

David Wahler began his musical career at the age of 7, playing the piano “by ear”. Early years of summer music clinics and academies at various universities culminated in his studying piano performance at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music; Mannes College of Music in New York; and Berklee College of Music, Boston. David released his first album, Antiquus, in the spring of 2009. His most recent albums are Two Hearts (2019), Currents (2021) and Collection (2022). In 2023, he has released the following singles, which will be included in an upcoming album: Il Addio – The Farewell, Come, Just A Thought and today’s topic: Blue Rose.

David Wahler

Blue Rose
A blue rose is, according to Wikipedia, “a flower of the genus Rosa that presents blue-to-violet pigmentation instead of the more common red, white, or yellow. It can also be a colored white rose. Blue roses are often used to symbolize mystery or the unattainable, since they do not exist in nature because of genetic limitations.” There is, in other words, something supernatural about a blue rose.

The single starts with dreamy synth pad and a delicate bass. An arp pluck instrument gives a sense of rhythm and drives the melody forward. Then we hear deep bell-like keys forming the theme. It is beautiful beyond words. It is also a perfect representation of a blue rose’s mysterious nature. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself:

The mid part is fascinating! First a hushed vocal synth “sings” the theme, then a light rhythm is heard. Or perhaps rhythm is the wrong word; it is more of a texture that echoes. Is it falling rocks perhaps? Or someone walking briskly in a tunnel? Whatever it is, the effect creates a fantastic contrast to the pretty atmosphere. It also underlines the mysterious aspects of the flower’s unusual color.

The last part is where Wahler strikes gold. When the bell-like synth from the intro plays the theme with high notes, Blue Rose takes off into New Age music heaven. The sharp yet light sound immediately finds its way to the listener’s heart. It shows Wahler’s unique melodic talent.

In conclusion: A blue rose is, as mentioned above, a symbol of miracles and new possibilities. This sense of uniqueness makes Wahler’s Blue Rose into something remarkable. It is so beautiful, but it is also enigmatic. Blue Rose will for sure capture the hearts of many listeners.

Of course, you don’t have to give blue roses a thought when listening to the single. Without focusing on the flower perspective, the melody and arrangement shine just as strongly. I have in the past been impressed by David Wahler’s abilities as a storyteller. Blue Rose too has that quality that it makes the listener pay attention. There is a story here, a narrative unfolding right under the surface–and it is up to you to decide where you want to go.

Just as smelling a rose requires patience, Blue Rose too requires active listening. Its delicate nature makes it an easy pray for noise and things happening around you. This musical rose needs watering, and that water is silence. But when you give it what it needs, it will live long.

To receive a blue rose is special. It is a day you will remember. But take my word for it; Listening to David Wahler’s Blue Rose can be equally memorable.

For more information and music samples, see davidwahler.com.