Diane Arkenstone – Union Road


In 2013, Diane Arkenstone released an album called Union Road. For the multi-platinum selling recording artist, a renewed sense of freedom can be discovered by composing and performing contemporary music in one of her many well-versed styles. Early in life, it was clear Diane Arkenstone was blessed with the gifted abilities of a natural-born artist and composer, which has led to many achievements during each phase of her music career.

By John P. Olsen

The multi-talented Diane Arkenstone is a popular artist most people will recognize, especially those who favor the Celtic, Native American, instrumental, new age, and world music categories. Her most recent albums are The Healing Heart (2021) and Heart of the Vineyard (2018). See New Age Music Guide’s full coverage of her music here.

In addition to her own releases like the Billboard Charting Jewel in the Sun, and top radio chart recording, The Best Of Diane Arkenstone, she has also been a member of associated groups most people are familiar with. Groups like Adventure Cargo, Ah Nee Mah, Earth Trybe, Enaid, Marquis Ensemble, Middle Earth Orchestra, are like our favorite chapters in the Diane Arkenstone songbook. Many more outstanding albums made our preferred song list as the duo with former husband David Arkenstone.

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Union Road is an instrumental vocal album with 11 select songs in the folk ballad tradition. Performing acoustic guitar, dulcimer, kalimba, and percussion, Diane Arkenstone’s songwriting talents as a vocalist and lyricist are on display, highlighting her capabilities as a contemporary singer with charming lyrical optimism on nine of eleven songs.

Nearing perfection by the casual relaxing atmosphere, Union Road is a brilliant vocal instrumental album with novel lyrics you are sure to love. 

For more information and music samples, visit dianearkenstone.com.