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Drifting in Silence – Clocks – Exclusive Video Premiere


Today we present an exclusive video premiere of Clocks by Drifting in Silence. The video is spellbinding and captures the single’s atmosphere perfectly. The clocks are ticking away, but it is not a human conception of time. No, these clocks are set on space time.

Standing on the brink of eternity is both scary and liberating. It is about being timeless, which also happens to be the title of Drifting in Silence’s upcoming album.

Enjoy the video here:

The dramatic dancing, black and white imagery and editing is, simply put, stunningIt is obvious that these clocks have a Dalieqsue quality to them. The lead synth is bell-like and awe-inspiring. Here is the Clocks single – which also features the meditative Paradox and the upbeat Clocks in Reverse:

Drifting in Silence
 is a music project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. According to Stembridge, Drifting in Silence is “a description of the feeling evoked by the music,” intended to create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow. The first album in this project was Truth (2006), followed by Ladderdown (2012) and Place in Time (2013). His most recent single is Kings Cross (2023). See the whole Drifting in Silence discography on Spotify.

Timeless is now available for pre-order.

You may sample every track on the album here: