EverSound´s 25th Anniversary Celebration


For 25 years, EverSound has been known for its high-quality, heartfelt, uplifting, and timeless music.

In celebration of this special milestone, the label has put together this Anniversary Collection showcasing the music of sixteen artists from around the world.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

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EverSound’s material features a blend of soothing, meditative music with inspirational and emotional themes. It promotes creativity and relaxation. It is not limited to instrumental pieces; it can also include vocal tracks that convey messages of positivity, self-discovery, and personal growth.

  1. In Spiritus ~ John Adorney featuring Daya
  2. Rotunda ~ James Asher
  3. The Miracle of You – Words by Prem Rawat & Music by John Adorney
  4. Dancer In The Light ~ Ron Clearfield
  5. Voice of the Sea ~ Diane Arkenstone
  6. Rumba Chulita ~ Manuel Imán
  7. Silent Heroes ~ Start Hoffman featuring Stephen Rivera
  8. Desert Rain: Desert Bloom ~ John Mills
  9. Turn It Around ~ Steve McPeters
  10. My Linda ~ Michael Whalen
  11. Breathing Blue ~ Nitish
  12. Across The Quiet Universe ~ Kokhe
  13. Embers by Starlight ~ Randy Baltzell
  14. Everlasting ~ Curtis Macdonald
  15. Road To Doneghal ~ Nigel Holton
  16. Farewell 559 ~ Lino

         Total Length: 76 minutes

“For 25 years, EverSound has been my go-to source for incredible music – music that not only lifts my spirits but transcends the troubles of the world. Outstanding musicians and their consistently wonderful compositions create a magical blend of EverSound music. Once again, I invite you to dim the lights, turn up the volume just a bit, and float away on a magical carpet of musical delight,” says Brian Luke Seaward, Author of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water, and Earth Songs: The Healing Power of Nature.

The collection is avalable on EverSound.com.