Halloween, New Age Music Style


Halloween is a time of contrast, with elements of darkness and light, fear and fun, and tradition and innovation. Incorporating New Age music into your Halloween celebrations can be a way to embrace this balance and add variety to your holiday experience.

While there are many Halloween-themed songs and playlists available, not everyone enjoys the more upbeat and energetic tunes. New Age music can provide a refreshing alternative for those who prefer a more mellow and introspective musical experience.

Enjoy this episode of New Age Stars, dedicated to Halloween and New Age Music:

There’s something about a castle in the dark that gets our imagination running. It is the stuff of childhood nightmares and scary fairy tales. Listening to Karen Biehl’s single “The Castle” feels like entering the medieval gates and venturing into the unknown – alone. It is the perfect Halloween soundtrack.

While Mike Oldfield’s music is not specifically associated with Halloween, the use of “Tubular Bells” in The Exorcist has made it a recognizable and memorable piece of music in the horror genre. Additionally, the eerie and haunting sound of the piece, particularly in the opening minutes, can create a spooky atmosphere that is fitting for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Above picture by Petr Kratochvil – License: CC0 Public Domain