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Hiphop(e) to Heal The World


Kosmic T is a heart-centered hip-hop artist hailing from the visionary mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Newspaper The Nelson Daily writes: “During these wild and unprecedented times his music arrives as a breath of fresh air and a beacon of light. His songs are living transmissions of empowerment, vision, and hope – beautifully interwoven with the magic of ancient wisdom traditions and a tangible love of the earth. From children to elders and everyone in between, Kosmic’s positive messages, catchy rhythms, and soulful grooves continue to delight the hearts, bodies, and minds of listeners of all ages.”

“Listen to Kosmic T and feel the flame of hope burn bright within you. These songs arrive at a time when they are needed most, reaffirming that the artists of the Kootenays have much to offer the world!”

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Here is Kosmic T’s brand new music video:

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