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Interview with The Song Gardeners


Newspaper Los Altos Town Crier features an interview with Corrie Dunn, Mary Gospe, and Chris Day of The Song Gardeners. “Our music is about being true to yourself, being authentic to yourself, and shifting from fear to love. That is an underlying theme of all of our music,” says Gospe. 

“Both Corrie and Mary are insanely talented, and they both have extraordinarily beautiful voices,” Chris Day said. “And they’re both very, very talented songwriters as well, so it’s kind of like being in a band with Carole King and Joni Mitchell. They are also both absolutely lovely human beings, two wonderful people, so I really enjoy the company, too.”

“(The songs are) kind of my lessons that I’ve been learning through my spiritual journey. And so a lot of the songs are really affirmations back to myself,” Gospe said. “So you almost get like this whole education in spiritual lessons by listening to the songs.”

Dunn said last year’s trip to Los Angeles to record Gospe’s solo album “Time to Soar” proved inspirational. They attended a yoga studio with meditative music, something they had never done before. “And since then, our goal is to write inspirational music,” Dunn said.

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