José Luis Serrano Esteban – A New Horizon


A New Horizon (Special Edition) is an album by Spanish New Age music guitarist José Luis Serrano Esteban, released in 2009. It is an adventurous blend of classical and electronic rock music with several songs in near representation style to the iconic band Tangerine Dream.

By John P. Olsen

José Luis Serrano Esteban is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who studied classical guitar and electronic music. Esteban is skilled on a number of instruments including piano, keyboards, percussion instruments and programming, but guitar appears to be his specialty, performing on Spanish classical guitar, acoustic, 12 string, and a collection of different acoustic and electric guitars. His most recent album is Miradas (2021).

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Esteban has released over 100 music compositions, each in a wide variety of styles that range from classical, electronic, new age, world and rock music.

Along with his own cinematic recordings, Esteban is a guitar and electronic specialist in other artist’s CD recordings and audio video scores too, composing music for commercials, demo tapes, and soundtrack scores for television documentaries.

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