Lo-fi and new-age music as a balm for the brain


Khaleda Khan on webpage The Varsity has posted an article called Lo-fi and new-age music as a balm for the brain – with subtitle: “modern “chill” music is therapeutic but isn’t therapy.”

Khaleda Khan writes: “One new genre with an important place in modern music is ‘new-age’ music, a genre that is difficult to categorize. Lately, this music seems to have blurred lines, but the purpose is clear — to bring a peaceful, stimulating vibe to your daily activities. Trends in study and focus music have gained more importance in recent years. Classical music has always been the traditional study music, but today’s trends in lo-fi, study ASMRs and binaural beats have gained popularity, too. But to what extent is new-age music the ideal study buddy?

Music therapy is a formal discipline that has methods to treat various mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. These treatments must be guided by a music therapist. Lo-fi music, ASMR, and binaural beats can have therapeutic benefits for their listeners, but should not be considered therapy in and of itself.

The modern instrumental ‘chill’ genre is especially efficient in easing and relieving the mind of any tension and stress. This genre of music may set an ideal ambient background for the listener to be alone with their thoughts.”

Read the whole article here. Highly recommended!