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Louis Colaiannia – A Moment Between Eternities


Composing pianist Louis Colaiannia from Denver Colorado has a classic contemporary instrumental album, released in 2011, that you may want to know more about. The album expresses his love of Classical music by composing pianists like Beethoven and Mozart, but you will also hear a freestyle influence in his original compositions that give one the impression of more contemporary orchestrations. It’s like modern improvisations on classical music!

By John P. Olsen

Louis Colaiannia has composed a number of classic piano and instrumental releases over the years. With earlier albums having titles of Desert Winds, Journey Of The Soul, Sailing On A Dream and Sea Of Stars, it is easy for anyone to envision that his modern orchestrations are divine and dreamy in nature. They are, much like the album titles themselves. His most recent releases are the album Contemplation (2020) and the single Desert Winds (Re-Imagined) (2021).

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I found this true regarding his earlier albums, along with the wonderful piano and instrumental release A Moment Between Eternities. With divine piano music evenly centered by a classical and contemporary atmosphere, why would anyone want to change this fine balance?

A Moment Between Eternities is a classic New Age Contemporary Instrumental release comparable to both earlier and more recent albums by a wonderful range in thought and feel. The mood variations in the nine songs are as if transitioning from one season to another, so in relation to the emotional content of his work, you will hear light graceful songs carefully blended with pieces emboldened by a more impassioned frame of mind.

Louis Colaiannia has composed each of the 9 songs total, performing on piano and synthesizer. The instrumentalist in accompaniment are; Jenna Ehrle (vocals and lyrics) Melvin Morford (bass) Jess Allen (cello) Bob Glassman (percussion) Evelyn Rutenberg (flute) Bill Kerr (guitar) and Rex Spease (saxophone and clarinet).

There is one recent variation in Louis Colaiannia’s music where a new innovative single titled City Scapes takes on a whole new direction. Moving in a new trend like his classical and contemporary orchestrations, City Scapes takes a melodic shift into what Louis terms “Orchestral Jazz”. I listened to this song and found the upbeat melodies with lively rhythms another beautiful performance of his modern classic improvisations.

For more information and music samples, visit louismusic.com.