New Age Music Gem: Kokhe – Blue World


New music is being released every day, and it demanding to keep track of it all. An album that you might have overlooked is Kokhe’s Blue World, released in 2019. Take my word for it; it is a real New Age music gem! 

Like a well-written fantasy novel, Blue World effortlessly transports us to a far-away dimension. From the Temple Of Ellesyia, via Gateway To Korinthia to Across The Quiet Universe, Kokhe’s album is musical world-building on a massive scale.

In a world as troubled as ours, it is so enjoyable to escape to another blue world for an hour or so.

While still maintaining their separateness, the tracks on Blue World flow harmoniously together along barely rippling currents, taking the listener on a unique journey through scenic woods and dark forests before reaching a luminous destination.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

About Kokhe
An accomplished piano player from a young age in his homeland of Mexico, Kokhe fell in love with the New Age sound in his 20s, becoming a composer of both melancholy classical piano works and intensely moving synthesizer compositions. Kokhe is perhaps best known for his album Follow Your Heart from 2003, released on the Serenity label.

Both the CD and the album as MP3 files are available on the EverSound homepage.

Here’s the title track:

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