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New Age Music Gems Of 2020


New music is being released every day, and it demanding to keep track of it all. Below I have selected some titles that you might have overlooked in 2020. These are all 100 % New Age music gems that deserve to shine in 2021 – and beyond!

When I started this blog 14 years ago, my ambition was never really to feature newly released albums. I believe music is like good wine, it needs to mature and develop. My plan was to review music of the 1960s to the late 1990s – but one thing lead to another, and here I am, listening and reviewing mostly newly released music. I think it is so sad that an album is fresh and relevant for such a short time. So I decided to make a list of notable albums from 2020 that hopefully will live long! Enjoy 🙂

Michael Whalen – Sacred Spaces

Michael Whalen is known for many things – his two Emmy awards, Grammy nomination, the song “I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes”, which has been streamed 37 million times on Spotify – and also for creating and programming his synths. His ability to produce new and groundbreaking sounds is a significant part of “Sacred Spaces”. The album is also profoundly existential in nature, dealing with the search for a higher power. It is hands down a genuine masterpiece.

The French expression tour de force comes to mind many times while listening to “Sacred Spaces” – partly because of the highly creative soundscapes and partly thanks to Whalen’s exceptional melodic talent. “Sacred Spaces” is about the search for a higher power, yet it is still easy listening and unpretentious. That is a significant accomplishment. I guess we all could need some “Sacred Spaces” in our lives. Put it on, and see where the album will take you.

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RELAX (Various Artists) – A Domo Music Compilation

If you had asked your family and friends: “Do you find it hard to relax?”, I’m pretty sure a good number would have replied “yes”. Long before Covid19 made the stress levels rise even more, our inability to unwind became a significant health problem. You can blame social media, binge-watching or caffeine, but I believe the real problem is how we go about solving the problem.

Going from a hyperactive and hyper-stimulated modern life to meditating is not for everyone. In this context, I believe the new compilation by Domo Music – called RELAX – may offer something unique that many may benefit from. “Relax” is a collection of 15 instrumental pieces that doesn’t lull you to sleep or make your mind wander off into deep space. It is a focused kind of relaxation that matches the modern psyche; awake, yet relaxed. That is a major accomplishment!

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Max Highstein – Gratitunes

If you had asked me: “Can a whole album – from start to finish – be filled with nothing but gratitude?”, my answer would have been no. Ask any artist; To make one genuine feel-good song is hard, and to make a whole album of it is nearly impossible. But then I came across Max Highstein’s “Gratitunes,” a recent Global Music Awards winner.

“Gratitunes” gives the listener a deep sense of gratitude almost instantly. Highstein is performing with world-class artists Howard Levy, Rusty Crutcher, John Yoakum, and others, making “Gratitunes” into one of 2020’s most excellent and heartfelt New Age music releases.

Making the listener feel gratitude is never easy – gratitude is such a complex emotion – but Highstein and his talented friends manage to do just that from the very first note. Brilliant!

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Many artists have to record several albums before they find their expression. It is all part of the process, and there is no way to rush it. But for debut artist Svara that unique and defining sound is there from the very first song. In her music is a rare sensibility to the enormity of space and creation itself, without Vangelis-like synths and grand effects. Svara’s easygoing take on New Age pop is both refreshing and inspiring, underlining that this is an artist to follow in the years to come.

These days, when we almost drown in music on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify – it is rare to find an artist with a unique expression. There is always so much to choose from, and, at the end of the day, it all sounds the same. But to me, Svara is a one-of-a-kind artist – and her debut album leaves me wanting more. “SVARA” is a stunning collection of songs with high replay value. Her New Age pop/crossover sound with rhythm gives it broad appeal. It is also recorded with skill and love, and I’m sure the fantastic Joaquin Lievano has played an important role in how the album came to be.

We all should take Svara’s advice and “Look to the empty sky”. There are answers to be found there.

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Samer Fanek – Polarized

On his third album, Samer Fanek takes us on a musical rollercoaster ride. “Polarized” shows life as it really is; a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. It is a mature and easy-to-like release, filled with wonderful déjà vu moments. While his previous albums have a more searching and inquisitive vibe, “Polarized” establishes Samer Fanek as an essential artist in any decent New Age music collection.

A hallmark of great art is that it is recognizable and has emotional depth. Samer Fanek’s “Polarized” has such qualities. Just like a well-written novel, it shows life in all its multi-faceted complexity. Fanek has delivered a genuine, heartfelt, and inspiring album. Pieces like “Do You Remember?”, “Starting Over” and “Just Like The Wind” are destined to become New Age music hits.

Life is polarized and full of opposites – but that is what makes it interesting. The same goes for Fanek’s latest release. 

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Wow, what a collection of New Age music gems! 2020 was not all bad, that’s for sure. 

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