Quarantine Diaries: Cheryl B. Engelhardt


As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock the music industry, GRAMMY.com reached out to a few musicians to see how they were spending their days indoors. Today’s artist is Cheryl B. Engelhardt. 

Cheryl writes:

[7 a.m.] I usually wake up around this time and do NOT check my phone. Who needs bad memes and trolls to cloud their morning? I like my trolls in the evenings after a nice glass of Chardonnay, thankyouverymuch. But I digress. I brush my teeth and head straight to my little workout space (aka a furnitureless room and two 5-lb weights) where I do a minimum of five minutes of yoga and meditation (I’m on my 820th consecutive day!) as I shamelessly listen to my own New Age album, Luminary and write in the companion journal. The music calms all the little hamsters running around in my head without making me fall back asleep.

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