Ryan Judd – The Lost Summer


We all dream about the summer. Both young and old want to travel, experience new things, relax and play without a worry in the world. Covid19 changed all of that. Ryan Judd’s new single The Lost Summer deals with how children react to this unusual situation. It is a sad but also hopeful piece that shows Ryan Judd’s brilliance as a guitarist and storyteller.

Ryan Judd is a Billboard Chart Topping recording artist and is an internationally known music therapist. He debuted with Sleep Soundly: Guitar Music for Insomnia (2014) and has since released 18 albums and three compilations – the latest being Relaxing Guitar 4. Ryan’s recordings have been streamed more than 130 million times during the past five years. In February, he released Soaring Together with cellist Kristen Miller. In my review, I wrote thatWhat I find most fascinating with Judd’s new album, is how each listen seems to highlight its different qualities – depending on the listener’s mood. If you are tired and want to sleep, it is like a warm blanket. Or if you want to read or create, its complexity shines through and gives your imagination wings.” 

In the below video, Ryan Judd gives a presentation of The Lost Summer:

The Lost Summer is not different from Soaring Together; each listen makes an impression. There are so many emotions hidden right under the surface, a melancholy that is best expressed through music. It is not angry or dark, but somewhat hesitant and doubtful – as if unable to understand and absorb everything that is going on. I think, as a father myself, that it is a terrific representation of how children have dealt with Covid19, quarantine, canceled plans, and the 1 000 other pandemic-related issues that have shaped our world over the last few years.

Judd’s music always has a unique warmth – and The Lost Summer is no exception. It makes a sad melody sound comforting. It is a healthy kind of sorrow. Also, notice the many details in Judd’s playing; he is an extremely technically skilled guitarist.

It is not all gloom and doom. It is only “the lost summer.” Now it is time to make plans for next year. It’s going to be the BEST summer ever! 😎

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