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The Peace Through Music Foundation


Dean and Dudley Evenson announce the formation of the Peace Through Music Foundation. “We have been musing on this project for four decades and we think it is long overdue. We intend to use this non-profit to call attention to the multitude of ways music can be of benefit on both personal and planetary levels,” the New Age music pioneers say. “We look forward to networking and sharing resources with like-minded musicians across all genres and cultures who offer their music for social benefit.”

“When we founded Soundings of the Planet in 1979, we had a vision of creating a non-profit whose mission was to spread Peace Through Music. Now at last our dream has come true. We want to use this non-profit to highlight the many ways musicians are using their craft to bring more peace into a world in much need of healing. The music Dean Evenson and I have created for over four decades has been used for that purpose, and now we feel it is time to highlight the many others who are using music for social and planetary benefit,” says Dudley.

“Our good friend and musical collaborator, Burke Mulvany, is the director of the foundation. His passion and dedication to the mission have been relentless. Through his many years of working with Soundings of the Planet and as an independent musician, he is the perfect person to bring our vision into fruition. As musical coordinator of the Northwest Herbal Fair, Burke recently put together the Peace Through Music main stage featuring many amazing musicians. Dean and Dudley helped open the event with a presentation officially launching the Peace Through Music Foundation.”

Read about this fascinating project on soundings.com.

Here is the new foundation’s webpage: peacethroughmusic.foundation.

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