A Better Life – An Introduction to the Mindful Music Association


The Mindful Music Association presents its first 2-disc compilation CD titled “A Better Life – An Introduction to the Mindful Music Association.”

The Mindful Music Association is a not-for-profit 501c3 with a mission to serve by introducing mindful music to new audiences and grow public and community awareness while providing benefits to our members. We support educational outreach to the public about the uses and benefits of mindful music and facilitate member education.

The compilation CD A Better Life consists of 26 tracks of beautifully relaxing music from members of the MMA. This first release will be used to target educational institutions, with instruction on how the music can be used to benefit students K-12.

The compilation is available on Bandcamp: 

If you would be interested in joining or helping with our mission, please visit mindfulmusicassociation.com

Press release via Higher Level Media