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Anaya Music – Bliss


Bliss by Anaya Music is about humanization, compassion and love that starts within yourself, and when this is achieved, you live in the divine Blessing of the universe and leave the Matrix.

Bliss is recorded in Studio1234 and Anaya HomeStudio.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Tidal link

It is an album about: “Cities renewed by love, by compassion bring much peace and all beings with their translucent bodies in the evolution of crystalline DNA, the GNA and crystalline consciousness enter in abundance, Bliss and happiness reigns. Humans and other races begin to live together as benevolent beings of love. Compassion and transcendence are more than desirable qualities for human evolution.”

The video Bliss was produced, and edited by Anaya Music and Marcio Alves and directed by Anaya Kunst.

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