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Andrea Bacci – Sleeping on the Clouds


Andrea Bacci’s Sleeping on the Clouds is a journey to inner calm, to a dimension inaccessible to the anxieties and fears which attack our minds daily.

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Sleeping on the Clouds is a path of complete relaxation where, one by one, fresh drops of positive energy rain like dew in a dynamic reawakening guided by nature. 

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Andrea Bacci was born in Italy in 1972. He inherited the ability to create artistic works out of crystal from his father, while at the same time cultivating his own intense passion for music. At a young age, Andrea was already playing in a rock band, but then, as he matured, his musical tastes widened to include other genres such as Fusion, Jazz-Rock, and later Ambient and Chill-Out. His musical voice is very interior, and Andrea feels the need to compose to externalize that which his interior self cannot express with words.

Andrea Bacci

Listening to his music is like listening to your best friend’s secrets, with all the emotional involvement that this implies. In a certain sense, it can help us take an important step towards opening up with others, towards empathy. It is a path few are prepared to follow as it is far from radio-friendly music, but his music will enrich you and make you more attuned to the beauty of authenticity.