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Brian Fechino – Of The Light


Guitarist and producer Brian Fechino’s “Of The Light” is an album filled with vivid color and texture. Featuring a diverse range of sounds influenced by genres such as ambient, new age, downtempo, rock, and adult contemporary, this album stands not only as a beautiful artifact of otherworldly ambiance, mastery of tone and sonic sculpture, and mentally restorative sound but also as an invaluable tool for the listener.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Brian Fechino is a guitarist who grew up in Virginia, where at the age of 8 began learning as much about the guitar as possible. By 13 he was not only playing but, tearing guitars apart and putting them back together just to see how they worked.

Inspired by all the classic rock, blues, and jazz he could find, he set out to create his own personal style. At 20 he moved from Virginia and spent 7 years in Nashville doing sessions for singer/songwriters and playing a nonstop tour of blues and country road gigs. It’s there he began recording his own instrumental records pulling from a variety of Nashville influences.

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