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Cheryl B. Engelhardt – Unwind & Ithaca


“Unwind” is a self-produced, electro cross-genre by Cheryl B. Engelhardt. It is a personal empowerment ballad with mysterious (almost chilling) undertones, dark synth production, and a forward-driving beat.  Engelhardt’s second new single, “Ithaca”, is a non-lyrical composition, where she uses light and confident piano patterns, synth, and deeply relaxing vocal chanting to place the listener in a relaxed state.

The “Unwind” audio is accompanied by a lyric video, which you can see below:

“Unwind” lyrically challenges the patriarchy to love the feminist movement rather than resist. It’s a vulnerable, but powerful call for respect; a timely release during Women’s History Month.

Intentionally released around Earth Day, Engelhardt’s “Ithaca” desires to cast a hopeful net of relaxation to help heal humanity, the collective consciousness and Mother Earth.

It is also on Spotify:

Wow, this certainly is a great time to be a Cheryl B. Engelhardt fan!

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