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Dan Chadburn – Held in the Light


“Held in the Light” is pianist and composer Dan Chadburn’s seventh solo piano album. The album consists of 13 tracks, including three original studio improvisations and ten improvised arrangements of traditional hymns.

In Dan’s words – “I dedicate this album to my Mom and Dad. Throughout my life, each of them has encouraged me to pursue my passion in music and to share the gift of music with others. I’m eternally grateful for their love and support.”

Held in the Light begins with the English hymn “Breathe on Me, Breath of God,” and includes a favorite “Amazing Grace.” “Breath of Life” was an improvisation created and recorded during a live performance at Piano Haven Studios, where Dan asked the audience to pick a letter A-G, a flat, natural or sharp, and gave them the choice of minor or major. The audience pick resulted in the key of C# minor and has become a requested song at Dan’s performances.

Dan’s music can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and his website.

For music samples, visit danchadburn.com

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More about Dan Chadburn
Early in his musical career, pianist Dan Chadburn was mid-performance during a recital when he forgot most of the entire final gigue movement of Bach’s English Suite in G Minor. Rather than take an early exit from the stage, Dan improvised the passage in his own Bach-influenced style. Today, Dan considers that recital experience a defining moment, one that helped unlock his creative voice.

A native of Oregon, Dan began studying classical piano at the age of nine, eventually earning a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Pacific Lutheran University. Following three national tours as a pianist and singer/songwriter, and the release of three albums in the Contemporary Christian genre, Dan moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the film scoring program at U.C.L.A. Soon he was scoring for television and working as a pianist and session musician.

Wanting to further expand his musical vision, Dan moved to London to study electroacoustic composition with two pioneers in the field, Denis Smalley and Simon Emmerson. He earned his Master of Music in Electroacoustic Composition from London’s City University. Since returning to the United States, Dan has continued to compose, record, and perform. He has released seven albums in the new age/contemporary instrumental genre and enjoyed much success thus far in his career, including performances at hallowed venues Carnegie Hall in New York City, Symphony Hall in Boston, and The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Dan is deeply versed in classical and modern traditions. Through his training, Dan has developed a masterful ability to improvise, creating art in the moment as a response to the stimuli of environment and emotion. His latest album, Held in the Light, is a collection of improvised melodies woven in with the classic hymns beloved by his parents. After nearly losing his father following a serious health scare last year, Dan decided to record and dedicate this album to his parents, who have long championed his love of music and encouraged him to share his gift with others.
With his trademark sweeping melodies, resonating chords, and rich textures, Dan’s albums have consistently appeared in the Top 10 of Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 chart, with several reaching #1 on One World Music Radio’s monthly Top 100 chart. Additionally, he and his albums have received multiple award nominations from One World Music Radio, Enlightened Piano Radio Network, Zone Music Reporter, WAMA and others.

His collaborations with other pianists, including Suzanne Ciani, Spencer Brewer, Robin Spielberg, among others, have produced several compilation recordings in support of charitable causes. Dan has carried this heart for service and giving back into his solo efforts as well. His music has been deeply inspired by the people and events that shape our world. Profits generated by the sale of several tracks from Dan’s albums are donated to specific charitable organizations, including The Sitar Arts Center in Washington, DC, The National Family Resiliency Center, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, Matthew Shepard Foundation, Whitman-Walker Health, and TheCenterOrlando.org. While they now reside in Washington D.C., Dan and his husband and frequent collaborator, Tom Nichols, continue to hold charitable benefit concerts in Oregon, New York, and their home city.