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David Arkenstone – Colors of the Ambient Sky


Colors Of The Ambient Sky, David Arkenstone’s 65th album, is to be released on July 13. The album is, according to David, ”ambient electronica combined with rhythmic elements that suggest mysterious nighttime moods under the stars.” On this album there are no guest artists. 

David says: “I’d like listeners to feel as though they could be dreaming while they’re awake. Colors brings me back to a time when I worked a lot more with synthesizers and there was a new world of sound to experiment with,” says David. “I recently tested out some new software synthesizers and emulations of classic synths and found a lot of inspirational sounds to play with, and that motivated me to write this new album. I’m also sort of an amateur astronomer and noticed some colors recently in the Milky Way which led me to the album title.”

Though sound recordings should perhaps sometimes defy description, one could consider this album a combination of infectious rhythms, simple, catchy melodies and textural synth explorations.

Track listing:

1. Parallel World (5:48)
2. Red Sun (4:43)
3. Starlight Starbright (5:27)
4. Darkness Descending (4:43)
5. Rainbow Galaxy (4:45)
6. Blue Lightning (5:05)
7. Lonely Satellite (5:03)
8. Visitors (5:29)
9. Ascension (5:09)

A few track notes from David: “For Parallel World, the synth provide a strong rhythmic pulse. Darkness Descending also has a strong rhythmic pulse, reminiscent of Carbon Based Lifeforms, and Ascension is somewhat reminiscent of Vangelis.”

David Arkenstone’s many fans has a lot to look forward to this summer!

Press release by Victoria Paige Meyerink