Earth is Our Mother by DJ Marqesa


New Age Music is a musical genre that strives to supply a peaceful and calm atmosphere to the listeners. It’s related to spirituality and environmentalism that is charged with jazz notes and harmonic melodies. In soundcloud, DJ Marqesa from LA is giving New Age Music to all her listeners worldwide.

The newest track – “Earth is our Mother” is imbued with guitar, piano and alternative electronic, pop, jazz and techno music. This song boosts spiritualism amongst listeners with its version of peace. The music strives to form an inspiration of nirvana by interweaving melodies. It is classical as well as contemporary with proper tune for active yoga.

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Music being a great a part of our lives, we tend to try and incorporate it everyplace. In this era, everyone is affected by stress and that they wish to have an outlet for it. Most of the folks have started yoga, it helps the body and mind to rejuvenate and de-stress. The music that cures the stressful mind and helps while doing yoga is termed New Age Music. This genre of music intends to spread optimism, relaxation and inventive inspiration. In soundcloud, DJ Marqesa is spellbinding her fans with new age music in the song – “Earth is our Mother”. It is barely made of electronic and techno music, but aimed toward calming listeners.

New Age Music has close sound that aide in relaxation and meditation. “Earth is our Mother” by DJ Marqesa helps to alter varied religious practices like Mediation and Healing. Anyone can hear her when they want solace to placate their tousled life. The cool music incorporates many instruments with vocals that are supported with recent chant from the Hopi Nation. It urges listeners to remain calm and perpetually thrive. Hear this amazingly soothing track only on soundcloud and connect with the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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