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Francois Mathian & Ahren Merz – Argos Navis


After the success of ENJOU’s 2022 project X, comes X2 – a collaborative venture set to unveil a new track every Wednesday, culminating in the full album release on June 5th. Francois Mathian and Ahren Merz united to kick off their contribution to X2 with the neoclassical track Argos Navis.

Press release by Johan Larsson

Ahren Merz, a skilled composer and sound designer, assumes the role of the song’s architect, infusing it with atmospheric and electronic experimental elements. With a background deeply rooted in electronic music production and sound engineering, Merz brings his expertise to bear, meticulously shaping the intricate and emotive layers of the track.

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Ahren said of the track, “I interpreted the brief as creating something atmospheric and a bit experimental with electronic elements mixed in … Francois’s inspiration was outer space and star constellations, hence the song Argo Navis. The first time I listened to the song, I was overwhelmed by the emotions it evoked and its musical complexity (key changes, 7/4 signature). The goal for me was to combine what Francois created with my own style and keep the most memorable moments in focus. Words that come to mind for this project: Atmosphere, Texture, Space.”

X2 is the latest project from contemporary record label ENJOU, redefining musical collaboration by enveloping two artists in anonymity to craft a singular, exhilarating concept from dual perspectives. Here’s how it works: one artist takes the lead as the “featured artist,” laying down the initial blueprint of the song, while the other assumes the role of the “soundscape architect,” transforming the artist’s vision into something entirely fresh. Throughout most of the project, the duo remains complete strangers, only coming together in a group chat to push the creation to its ultimate form. Yet, it’s the architect who holds the reins, having the final say on any adjustments made.

Ahren Merz & Francois Mathian


Renowned for his ability to fuse organic instrumentation with contemporary sounds and arrangements, Francois Mathian, a celebrated composer and violinist, takes the helm as the featured artist for ‘Argos Navis.’ Through ingenious rhythm and percussive textures, he adeptly encapsulates the essence of embarking on a journey into the unknown.

X2 combines the work of 41 artists from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Curaçao, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. The final project consists of 22 ambient and electronic neoclassical tracks.

For more information and music samples, visit enjou.ca.

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