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From Bud To Bloom – James Asher & Ayako Tanaka


Sometimes when fellow musicians meet they experience an immediate empathy which provides an expansive opportunity to share performing and writing music too. Such was the case when worldbeat recording artist and producer James Asher met Japanese flutist Ayako Tanaka. Seizing an opportunity that arose to meet and record in October 2019, they embarked enthusiastically on a creative collaboration. This resulted in two albums being made.

“From Bud To Bloom” takes the listener on a thoughtful and contemplative journey, where Ayako’s remarkable flute tone can be enjoyed within layers of mesmeric keyboard overlays and earthy percussion.

Here’s the first song:

And the song “Graceful Surrender”:

The other album is called “Treasure of the Isles”. You may sample this album on james-asher.co.uk