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Harrison Edwards – Into the Unknown


Harrison Edwards has been carving out a space all his own by writing music that continues to not only redefine contemporary instrumental music, but transcend it as well. His new album is called “Into the Unknown”.

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In additional to his more traditional New Age compositions, he has written neo-classical pieces, multiple songs in symphonic form, solo piano works, light jazz, and even more recently a song with infusions of Techno/Dance elements. With the release of the “Into The Unknown,” Harrison Edwards now has five CDs of original music to his credit. Each of his first four releases was in the Top 100 on New Age radio airplay charts.  “The Spirit of the Mountain” CD was in the Top 100 for five months, “Mother Earth Symphony” peaked at #6, and “The Undiscovered Horizon” made it to #4 while remaining in the top 100 for 6 consecutive months.

Get to know the artist
Harrison began his musical life as a drummer. One of his earliest memories is of a small, toy drum he carried everywhere he went. He took drum lessons at the age of ten, and played in bands throughout high school and college as a drummer, performing music that ranged from the Beatles and Rolling Stones, to Yes, Genesis, and ELP. In his early twenties, he began taking piano lessons and was self-taught in all facets of music theory and composition, which included poring through the quintessential text on the subject: Walter Piston’s “Harmony.”

He composes his music using keyboards, digital pianos, sound modules, and various “soft-synths” (synthesizers that are entirely software-based). And while keyboards and synthesizers are his instruments of choice for writing music, he also is working to improve his skills on the drums, acoustic guitar, the harp-guitar, Native American flute, and most recently the bagpipes.

When not working on music, Harrison admits he has more hobbies than time allows for, the latest of which includes playing the snare drum for the Kutztown Pipe Band and learning to play the bagpipes.

For more information and music samples, visit harrison-music.com