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Johannes Linstead – Bohemian Strings


“Bohemian Strings” is the 11th studio album from Billboard Top-Ten charting virtuoso guitarist and composer Johannes Linstead.

Take a stroll through the streets of old Europe and the Mediterranean, from the quaint back alleys of southern France to the hidden taverns of Moorish Spain, with many musical surprises along the way. It is all here on “Bohemian Strings”:

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Johannes has brought together musicians from many diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Greece, Palestine, France, Canada, Australia, Iran, and the Dominican
Republic, to create a unique listening experience, with emotional ballads and upbeat rumbas. Latin percussion, Middle Eastern violin, and raspy Gypsy vocals add a distinct spice to this very colorful album.

“Bohemian Strings” is, without a doubt, one of 2021’s most anticipated albums, and a release by Johannes is always a major event in the New Age music genre.  

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