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Juan Sánchez – Touch & Sound


Juan Sánchez, a contemporary classical artist and composer based in Barcelona, Spain, has released his latest work and third album, Touch & Sound, a piano-driven album with ethereal female voices, synthesizer backgrounds and string arrangements. The album’s 17 tracks cover an array of moods and emotions, from melodic to meditative to edgy.

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“The meaning behind Touch & Sound is the hybridization of my two loves – growing up as a classical musician and falling in love with Ambient/New Age electronic music later on,” says Sánchez. “I strongly believe that simple pieces of music, played with just the right touch and sound, can create an amazing atmosphere. This is what I have tried to demonstrate with this album.”

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Sánchez’s large following has come to expect a trickle of new music every month. In 2021, after a very creative spring and summer, Sánchez amassed this “mega album” presenting fans with a deeply-immersive listening experience. Balanced and melodic, yet organic and intuitive, Touch & Sound’s 17 tracks reflect Sánchez’ masterful ability to write understated music while also cultivating a much deeper connection with all the elements that drive his musical works. Here, fans will find insight, wonder and adventure; the new works are deeply tied to his personal experiences and observations about life and the world, powerful stories without lyrics.

Sands of Time is a composition about the steady, unstoppable advancement of time. It features the amazing voice of soprano Morgane Matteuzzi. Notes Sánchez: “I consider time to be one of the most important and precious of gifts we can possibly have, so I try to use it wisely. We can earn the money we spend, but we cannot get back the time we have lost. This makes time more valuable than money.”

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Those Fridays is a happy nostalgic reflection of Sánchez’s childhood. “For me, Friday was the best day of the week as it meant the beginning of the weekend. I was always looking forward to Friday and feeling the freedom of not having to go to school for two days. Friday nights were also magical watching TV programs or listening to music until late knowing I would not have to get up early the next day.”

Piga al Cel is a Catalan term that means freckle in the sky. Sánchez notes that in childhood, his sister used this term to describe the moon. “I always found this description of the moon so sweet and tender that I wanted to write a song about it.”

Touch & Sound introduces many pleasant surprises, straddling the line between edginess and comfort, allowing the audience to discover a new set of stimuli for their senses. Striving to craft music as a portal to a deeper narrative dimension, he moves beyond the usual genre-driven clichés with this album.

“I am of the opinion that sound can expand consciousness, and with the syncing of these two diverse worlds I create the ultimate journey for myself to transcend my current time, space and reality,” notes Sánchez. His previous two albums – Rebirth and Now The Silence – were exercises in self-healing and personal expression through music. Music from those critically-acclaimed albums have been embraced by numerous filmmakers to lend emotional impact to their stories, and, garnered nominations by the

MIN Awards and the HMMAs. Currently, Now the Silence is on the GRAMMY Awards® first ballot for consideration in the New Age category, and was also accepted for consideration for Best Instrumental Album by the LATIN GRAMMY® Awards.

Now with Touch & Sound, Sánchez opens up to broader avenues of creativity. He has collaborated with numerous renowned musicians, including sopranos Morgane Matteuzzi (“Sands Of Time”), Nacre (“For When It Rains”), Kirine (“Le Grand Bleu”) and Caroline Joy Clarke (“Into The Night”); violinist Mirela Nita (“Piga al Cel”); cello players Liz Hanks (“Paralian”), Yoed Nir (“Human Rights”) and Daniel Frankhuizen (“Where Are They Now?”)
plus duduk player Ilia Mazia (“A Nocturne”). The production team included Runar Blesvik, Simon Teece, Miguel Mendoza and Bruno Sanfilippo.

Juan Sánchez performs live at venues in and around Barcelona and the Catalonia region of Spain, and plans to perform in other areas of Europe and the United States in the years to come. His music is highly recommended to fans of composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Philip Glass, Luke Howard and more. Follow the artist’s social media links below for insights, inspiration and an ongoing flow of innovative and artistic music videos.

For more information and music samples, visit juansanchezmusic.info.