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Kerani Releases 5th Album “Stardust”


On May 8th, 2017, Kerani released her 5th concept album “Stardust”.

“The overall message of my new album is to make people aware about the wonders of our planet, the mysteries of the universe, and the miracle of earth’s ideal position in the Milky Way, which enables life,” explains composer, keyboardist and producer Kerani.

“This album applauds and celebrates every advancement and achievement in the discovery of new space technologies and data about the universe. It is a tribute to all those who journey up to space and risk their lives in the name of science and for humankind. With “Stardust” I try to highlight our fragility as human beings living collectively on this globe and how important it is to treat our planet with respect,” Kerani says. “Earth is part of something much bigger than what we as humans can possibly fathom.”

“Stardust” was recorded with a symphonic orchestra and a mixed vocal ensemble. Kerani plays the piano and a wide range of synthesizers and is also joined by a number of accomplished European musicians.

In total, 60 musicians have participated in this elaborate project, all of whom have been credited in the stunning 20-page album booklet. Multi-GRAMMY® Award winning producer, Kabir Sehgal, takes credit for the liner notes.

Kerani’s albums – “Stardust”, “Equilibrium”, “Arctic Sunrise”, “The Journey” and “Wings of Comfort” – are available as CDs and digital downloads at many online sales sites including CDbaby, Amazon, iTunes, eMusic, CDuniverse, 7digital, Spirituelemuziek.nl (Belgium and The Netherlands), Silenzio.de (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Redeye.com.au (Australia), etc.

Make sure to visit Kerani’s website: www.kerani.nl

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