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Kerani – Silent Heart


Amidst the turbulence of today’s world, Dutch composer and orchestrator Kerani unveils her 11th album, Silent Heart. Through opulent orchestration and poignant piano melodies, each composition serves as a serene refuge, beckoning listeners to journey inward amidst the chaos.

Drawing from classical, new age, and world music influences, Kerani’s symphonic soundscapes offer solace and introspection. With live recordings featuring orchestral instruments, her compositions convey authenticity and depth, resonating across various healthcare and therapeutic settings.

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With a prolific output spanning 11 albums and 16 singles since 2011, Kerani’s global influence continues to grow, with her compositions featured in broadcasts and European TV programs.

As Silent Heart joined her distinguished body of work on the 1st April 2024, it became a beacon of beauty and tranquility in tumultuous times.

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