Kim Angelis – Passages


It has been nine years since the gifted and talented violinist Kim Angelis last released an album, but it was the last three years which provided the ultimate test for her (as it would, undoubtedly, for many other recording artists). One after another, she faced personal crises that didn’t just derail her composing/performing/recording career but beset her with trials and tribulations that could send even the strongest of souls into a tailspin of despair and hopelessness. However, Kim found strength in her faith in God to face these trials, knowing that she would, with God’s help, prevail in the end. Which, with the release of “Passages”, she has done with a vengeance.

Press release by Ed and Stacey Bonk

“Passages” is a triumph not just of will, but a testament to the strength that Kim Angelis developed during this troubling time by trusting in her Lord and Savior.

“Passages” puts Kim’s soulful artistry and amazing technique on abundant display, as well as her myriad of influences from an assortment of global musical cultures. Joining her on Passages is an equally talented group of guest artists: Mitch Foreman (piano), JP Mourao (guitars), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Will Philips (percussion), Carol Robbins (classical harp), Jimmy Mahlis (oud), Brandon Fields (flute and clarinet) and Elliot “Dadisi” Bergman (kalimba). Each of them provides superb support, deftly following Angelis’ lead melodies (and sometimes stepping into the spotlight themselves).

Whether fiery and passionate, sweet and charming, or wistful and haunting, each song on Passages reveals music borne of the vast array of human emotions. There can be no doubt that these compositions are sincere, heartfelt, and reflect the best from Angelis as well as her guest performers.

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