Louis Colaiannia – Contemplation


International recording artist, Louis Colaiannia, has announced a new single called “Believe in Peace.” The song officially releases on January 10th and is on presale with his new album “Contemplation”. 

“Believe in Peace” has been a project several years in the making. The song features the singing of children from around the world – Kenya to Kazkastan to Europe and here in the USA. Colaiannia collaborated with an organization called El Sistema, a music program from Venezuela, and reached out to his musician contacts internationally to make the magic happen for the song.

While enjoying this beautiful compilation, the listener will hear children from different continents, cultures, religions and races – all singing about peace. Both of Colaiannia’s grandchildren, Rosina and Louie, participated as well. Most of the children were elementary school students. There were more than a dozen different groups of children ranging from a few at a time to a classroom to an entire school.

Some of the children belong to national choirs, but many of the children, like the youngest ones from an orphanage in Kenya, do not speak English and learned the basic words of the chorus like “teach us love, teach us peace.” Also, many of the participants only had access to cell phone technology to record their singing.

“No matter if a child is born as a Christian or a Palestinian Muslim or into another religious background, they are not born knowing hatred or prejudice,” said Denver-based pianist Colaiannia. “These unfortunate traits are learned from their families, communities and society.”

“It is my hope that by including children from around the world in musical projects, they may learn that we are not so different from each other. And maybe they will begin to learn the importance of peace and understanding instead. I spoke with a Palestinian Muslim teacher who was able to engage with her students about the importance of peace and what it’s all about.”

During the recording process, Colaiannia learned that the Kenyan orphanage he was working with had a severe problem due to current drought issues and that the children were suffering because of lack of clean water. So, he started a fundraiser and through public and personal donations was able to provide a good portion of the funding needed to dig a new well for the community.

“I have a special place in my heart for the needs of children and I’ve made it a life goal to do what I can to help them – ultimately through music,” said Colaiannia who founded the Global Youth Music project in which he performs with students to raise money for their school music programs.

“This whole thing is more than just a song. It’s a movement. I wanted to work with children worldwide and expand the project of working with local children’s musical groups. I’m hoping to catch children at a young enough age to make a difference and that in corners of the world here and there the experience opens their eyes to learn that we aren’t so different after all.”

The album Contemplation was produced by Louis Colaiannia and Tad Michael Wheeler, and recorded, mixed, and mastered at Tenderdyn Arts, Castle Rock Colorado. Serge Kozlovsky, a music reviewer from Minsk, Belarus called the album ‘brilliant’ and compared it with “a game of sun rays that illuminate the path and bring the hope during a long journey”. He says that the listener can “easily recall your sweet child memories while listening to this beautiful melody (of Believe in Peace).” He concludes his review by saying “when you listen to Contemplation you find yourself in the state of peace and harmony. And let these feelings be with you as long as you wish.”

About Louis Colaiannia
Colaiannia is a virtuoso of classical piano, accomplished songwriter, arranger and performer. He is also a multi-zone Nomination recipient: (Best Ambient Album 2011, Holiday Album of the Year 2012, and Best Chill/Groove 2013). He recently released a new jazz album called Something Old, Something New on record label, W.O.A. Records.