Michael Crowther – Music Box


Michael Crowther’s album “Music Box” is now available. The album is a unique blend of New Age music, Smooth Jazz and romantic instrumental themes. Two tracks from the album “Alley Cat” and “When The Moon Beckons” have reached the Number One position on N1Ms’ Jazz chart and Reverb Nations’ Instrumental chart. Several tracks have also been used in movies and TV productions.

The album is available on all major online stores including Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby. Individual tracks are also available on Michael’s website at www.crowthermusic.com and Michael is currently offering a FREE MP3 for anyone who signs up for the mail list.

Michael Crowther is a composer / multi-instrumentalist specializing in a wide variety of instrumental styles renowned for its dramatic, emotional and cinematic flair. Coming from a musical family, Michael began playing music at the age of four after the untimely death of his father and retreated into a solitary world of musical exploration. Michael is proficient on several instruments and began composing at an early age. His performing career began at age eleven on the club circuit and he received his first recording contract in his early twenties. Over the years he has created an extensive catalog of unique compositions in a broad array of moods. His music has been used in feature films, television, animated films, commercial ads, children’s programs, documentaries, video games and various other productions.

His first full-length instrumental album, A MOMENT IN TIME received international recognition and radio air-play with several tracks from the album featured in movies and TV. His next release, MUSIC BOX, also features music composed for films as well as a variety of genres including new age, jazz fusion, classical, world, cinematic and romantic themes. His recognitions include ASCAP awards as well as an award for, “BEST NEW AGE ARTIST” from the Songwriter’s Network. The award was based on a radio survey of over 3 million listeners worldwide! Michael feels a close connection to the Earth and enjoys hiking and communing with nature. He describes his outdoor experiences as “a means of cleansing the mind for creative and spiritual thought”.

As an activist he has worked toward promoting the protection and preservation of our wilderness areas and wildlife habitats. Many devoted fans of Michael’s music have described his work as music filled with mystery, emotion and imagery. He takes special care in handling all aspects of his productions including composing, arranging, engineering and playing all of the instruments himself. His flair for composing in a wide variety of genres has resulted in client satisfaction, a rapidly growing international audience and a reputation as an artist who can deliver.

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